April 18th, 2021. By Ethan Tam '22

Natalie Tam '21 and Dory Miller '22 share their experience and vision as Co-Presidents of the SI Green Team.

Q: What is the Green Team?

Dory: Green Team is SI’s environmental club. We’re in charge of finding different initiatives for SI to incorporate on an institutional level as well as in student life. We’re doing a lot of social media work and coordinating with the Bay Area Youth Climate Summit that Natalie and I are part of.

Natalie: Yeah. I feel like the Green Team is more like a club that focuses on students’ willingness to make a change. I think it's like an “I don’t like what I’m seeing, so I’m going to try to fix it” club.

Dory: I think it’s good to have so that when people have concerns, they go to us and we can help them organize whatever initiative they're trying to go after.

Q: What’s a favorite event that you have done this year?

Dory: We worked with the Bay Area Youth Climate to do an eco-friendly hygiene kit drive, and I think that it was very impressive to see how many people donated. It was really rewarding, and it incorporated a community service-based initiative with a sustainability one. I’m very happy that we were able to be a part of it.

Natalie: My favorite event was the giveaway that we did. The two winners could pick five things from a list, like shampoo bars, beeswax wrap, containers, reusable grocery bags, and solar light.

Q: Are there any future events planned for this semester or next year?

Dory: Yes! Next Saturday (April 24), we’re partnering with Arrupe Council and Key Club to do a beach clean-up as part of Earth Week. We hope to have more environmental-based opportunities which are still accessible to us now. Covid has been an obstacle for us this year since we have had to prioritize convenience with covid restrictions. Next year, however, a big initiative for us to tackle is getting more plant-based grab-and-go items because there’s really none.

I also think we definitely want to work on a climate action plan. That’s something we didn't get to do this year since it’s a larger initiative that we would have to go to the school about. It would be a strong place to start next year since it would give us one major thigh to work towards and we can potentially have things like fundraisers.

Q: Why do you think it’s important to have the Green Team present at SI?

Natalie: I think it’s good at every school to have an environmental club that encourages and promotes students and faculty to live a greener life, educate them on what is happening in the world, and help them be inspired to make changes in their lives to better the planet and their health. I think that we have already done so much and that we can still do so much more.

Q: What hopes do you have for the Green Team next year?

Natalie: Sadly, I’m graduating, but I hope that Dory can continue to lead and inspire students to realize the big issue of climate change. We can learn to help combat it as students and individuals.

Q: How can students become part of the Green Team?

Dory: I believe that we have the link in our Instagram (@greenteamsi) bio to sign up!