SI's red cross club

October 31, 2020. By Keira Tam '22

Are you interested in learning how you can help worldwide humanitarian crises here at SI? Find out more by reading about what the Red Cross Club is, what they do, and their upcoming plans!

“Rooted in our faith, we strive to do our part in our community by raising awareness and obtaining school-wide support for world crises.” This is the mission statement for the Red Cross Club, which is a national affiliate club that educates the SI community about a multitude of global catastrophes and organize activities that help support these causes. Some events they have done in the past include making thank you cards for healthcare workers, a bake sale for Puerto Ricans who were affected by the earthquake, and fundraisers for hurricane relief. When returning to campus, the Red Cross Club would like to plan more fundraisers and various types of drives. For more information about the club, email,, or Mr. Vergara and follow their Instagram @si_redcrossclub.