STEM at SI: Stem club and medcats club

October 31, 2020. By Daniel Gao '22

The Apogee Report is introducing a series called STEM at SI, featuring SI clubs and activities that are centered around science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This month’s feature includes the SI STEM Club and the Medcats Club.


STEM Club’s main mission is to promote and facilitate student interest and engagement in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) while also emphasizing the importance and relevance of STEM, globally. Through hosting exciting events, STEM Club brings together a community of students who share an interest in the respective fields.

Previous STEM Club events include:

- Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Social

- Field Trip to Stanford Linear Accelerator

- Field Trip to Genentech

- Science Career and Course Panels

- GOYB Movie Night DIY Experiments

- STEM Internship and Competition Opportunities

- And more

STEM Club encourages students to:

- Explore science, technology, engineering, and mathematics outside the classroom.

- Use their interests and skills in STEM to help the community.

- Be active participants.

- Consider pursuing STEM-related careers in the future.

Recently, STEM Club hosted their Kickoff Event with a screening of the 2014 award-winning film, The Imitation Game. They are currently planning more events for the 2020-21 school year.

If you’re interested in joining STEM Club, please contact the moderators:

- Ms. Kellar (

- Mr. Woodward (

- Mr. Ugawa (

Medcats Club

MedCats is a club where students interested in the medical sciences can come together and learn more about the fields of medicine, research, biomedical engineering, and more.

Previous Medcats events include:

- Banana suture

- Field trip to UCSF

- Doctor guest speakers

- And more

This year, the Medcats club will also serve as a space for SI’s first Science Olympiad team. So far, two teams of 15 students have been registered for two Science Olympiad invitationals. Materials have been purchased and review sessions will begin in mid-November.

Also, on Wednesday, November 18th, Medcats will be hosting their first meeting. It will be a Zoom session with Dr. Yerem Yeghiazarians, an interventional cardiologist from UCSF. This event is open to all students at SI.

If you’re interested in joining Medcats, please contact the moderators:

- Ms. Shorrock-Chen (

- Ms. Boyce (